Pattaya, Nong Nuch Village, and Karen Tribe Tour

Discover the rich culture of Thailand on a drive to the coastal town of Pattaya, tour of the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, and visit to a Karen Tribe. Exploring the Nong Nooch Tropical Garden will allow guests to witness an elaborate traditional Thai wedding and the solemn Buddhist ordination. They will also enjoy the beauty of the garden that features serene lakes, a zoo, a botanical and a floral garden, and the Thai Cultural Centre, among others. A collection of Thai antiques is also exhibited, and there are food kiosks that serve traditional Thai dishes that will provide guests with a real taste of Thailand.

Guests will then be driven to Pattaya, a famous holiday resort just some miles away from the capital city. Their visit here will take them to the Karen Village, where they will meet the Burmese Padaung tribe known to have long necks due to the exotic tradition of wearing brass rings. More cultural discovery awaits guests at the Lahu Shi Balah or yellow Lahu, the smallest group of Lahu found in Thailand. Women of this tribe have distinctively large ear loops. They originated from Tibet, China, and Akha tribes.

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